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NL Spring News

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1NL Spring News Empty NL Spring News on Wed Mar 09, 2011 5:11 pm


NL Spring News 3/9/2011

NL East

This could easily be the best division to watch this year. With Atlanta and Philly battleing it out for first place. Atlanta's acquisition of 2nd Baseman Dan Ugla the solidified the 1-5 and got a huge boost defensively. Philly as we all know has the potential to have the best rotation in the majors. A lot can happen so we will keep a close eye on these guys.

NL Central

When i look at this division i think..How can't these teams get to a world series?. Milwaukee beefed up their rotation, Cincinnati had a great year with no reason to doubt them this year. St. Louis took a major hit in losing Adam Wainwright for the season but could still be a threat. Now the Cubs and Astro's are question marks. Who know's what they'll make of there seasons.

NL West

Its San Fransisco's season to lose. The 2010 World Series Champions fought their way in and persevered but i believe Colorado is the team to look out for. With a stellar season for Ubaldo Jimenez and lacking their best player in Troy Tulowitzki, Colorado, If they stay healthy and have consecutive good seasons out of their players, could upset the world champs and maybe take the crown themselves.

2NL Spring News Empty Giants Picking up where they left off on Sun Mar 13, 2011 8:39 am


2010 World Series Champions, the San Fransisco Giants may not have got the memo that this is only spring training. They currently lead the spring with a 13-4 record and show no signs of off season rust. Keep an eye on the Giants this year. They could surprise us all, but to me that would be like lightning striking the same poor guy twice, just don't see that happening. American league wins the series this year. Mark my words! Smile

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